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People recognize us (Kim and Kendall  Jones) as experts on the Northwest beer scene. In 2008, we started the Washington Beer Blog and quickly grew it into one of the Pacific Northwest’s most-trusted sources for beer news and information. Kendall also works as a freelance writer providing beer-related stories to regional and national magazines, and has also appeared on radio and television to talk about beer.

It’s not just about the beer. We also share a passion for travel. Increasingly, those two interests merge into one as craft beer’s popularity grows nationwide. Wherever we go, we go find beer. We visit breweries and seek out restaurants and bars serving great beer. Wherever we go, we find other people doing the same.

Go Find Beer

The philosophy is simple: We think that you better experience a place if you go find beer. We have always included beer hunting in our travel plans, but these days we recognize that we are not alone. A lot of people are out there traveling the country in search of beer.

Today, we manage to find great beer everywhere. In beer, we find local flavor. Not just the local flavor of beer, but the local flavor of life. When many people travel, all they know of a place is what they learn from travel brochures, cab drivers, hotel clerks, and restaurant servers. The beer traveler gains a deeper understanding and appreciation of the surroundings. Beer encourages conversations. It is a common language between people living in different places.

About Kim and Kendall

In addition to managing the Washington Beer Blog, we produce corporate beer events for companies like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the annual Craft: Beer+Food event which pairs food from fine Seattle area restaurants with beer from local craft breweries. As a freelance writer, Kendall’s articles on craft beer, travel, and food appear regularly in Seattle Magazine, SIP Northwest, Outdoors Northwest, Beer Advocate, and other magazines. He is a regular guest on KIRO’s Seattle Kitchen radio program, and has also appeared on NBCs Today Show and on KUOW-NPR’s Weekday. Kendall and Kim live in Seattle, Washington. Visit to learn more about Kendall’s work.

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