Beer Cruising on the Danube

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Beer lovers in America tend to reach for big, hoppy ales, but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of appreciating finely crafted European-style lagers. You know, the kind of beers they drink in romantic places like Vienna, Prague and Budapest. If you’re a beer connoisseur, you should put this cruise on your beer bucket list:  the Danube Dreams River Cruise, a beer-themed adventure from Avalon Waterways.

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Pints and Paddles in the San Juan Islands

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Go paddling in the San Juan Islands with Oliver and Pamela Brulotte, owners of Icicle Brewing Company in Leavenworth – June 26 thru 28. Join them for pints and paddles, and more. They hosted this trip last year and by all reports it was a magnificent adventure. The days will be long and sun-filled, the evenings delicious and friendly, as you paddle your way through the San Juan Archipelagos.

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Get a Taste of San Diego on the “Hops Highway Retreat”

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San Diego has emerged as one of the country’s best beer destinations, but beer touring there can be a little complicated. Do you base your trip near Downtown San Diego, where there are fewer breweries but more beer bars?  Or do you stay farther north, away from everything Downtown, but closer to Stone, Lost Abbey and other beery destinations? Either choice usually requires driving as public transportation to the breweries can be difficult to navigate.

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More Than a Beer Fest: California Craft Beer Summit

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It’s almost spring, which means it’s time to start making this summer’s travel plans. For beer lovers, California offers seemingly endless opportunities for new beer discoveries. California has more breweries than any other state in America, including some of the best breweries in the nation. Problem is, it’s a very large state. Lots of driving from brewery to brewery. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one event where you could try beer from a large number of the state’s 500+ breweries in one place?

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“Yeast” Vancouver Beer Touring

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In early 2013, British Columbia changed their liquor license laws for craft breweries. In the short time since, Vancouver’s craft beer scene has been booming. As in other cities, breweries are concentrating in industrial parts of the city, close in for neighbors to call it their local, but where the leases are cheap and landlords are amenable to the production industry that breweries are.

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Craft Beer and Artisan Food Tour of Vancouver

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Canada’s largest food and drink festival, Dine Out Vancouver, runs from January 16 through February 1. Not surprisingly, Dine Out Vancouver includes a beer component. (Photo above courtesy Vancouver Brewery Tours.)

Like similar events in other cities across North America, during Dine Out Vancouver restaurants offer affordable, prix fixe dinners, creating opportunities for patrons to experience restaurants that might otherwise seem too spendy. Unlike most restaurant weeks, Dine Out Vancouver also includes a number of special events and special offerings, which is where beer comes into play. I encourage you to learn more about all of the events at the official website:

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